v0.8.10 released

0.8.10 [2013-02-09]

  • file name cleanup: removed "Kwave" prefix
  • bugfix: added range checks for track selection commands
  • reverted changes in sample writer due to problems in debug mode (commits
    ee54660d4380d264b7346a904eff9dd8d8d00a93 and
  • bugfix: unwanted termination if splash screen closed while the first
    toplevel widget still was starting up
  • moved code into namespace "Kwave"
  • cleanup: remove support for outdated FLAC API versions below 1.1.3
  • removed unused code: libkwave/FileFormat.*
  • renamed source files with "Kwave" in the name
  • added subsystem prefix to inclusion of Qt header files
  • using bit types from qt (e.g. u_int32_t => quint32)
  • bugfix: recording via OSS did not handle invalid devices properly
  • improved auto detect of svg-to-png conversion,
    added support for "rsvg-convert" (SF bug #38)
  • removed dependency to ImageMagick if "rsvg" is available
  • replaced libkwave/byteswap.h with generic Qt functions
  • replaced some Qt classes with their KDE equivalent:
    KLineEdit, KComboBox, KDialogButtonBox, KPushButton, KTabWidget, KTextEdit
  • using KDE standard buttons in dialogs
  • simplified plugin loading mechanism, do load/unload only at start/end of
    the program
  • delete plugin settings of old versions when detected
  • using QLibrary instead of functions from libdl
  • bugfix: shutdown sequence was incomplete
  • bugfix: keyboard shortcut for first menu entry did not work
  • bugfix: ambiguous keyboard shortscut for "File/New Window"
  • bugfix: undo of "modify label" caused loss of other labels
  • bugfix: use timeout for phonon playback, to avoid hang on unusable devices
  • using klocale for formating numbers of samples
  • added common base class for all codec plugins
  • reduced quality level of sample rate converter from "best" to "medium",
    to improve speed
  • refactored playback handling (controller vs. plugin)
  • workaround for bug in Phonon: no device names available in first call to
  • moved playback test into worker thread, for better GUI responsiveness
  • Phonon playback: changed to own mainloop with timeout support to avoid
    application hang on broken audio devices
  • bugfix: data loss in sample rate converter when processing streams
  • vorbis encoder: call to deprecated API (now use OV_ECTL_RATEMANAGE2_SET)
  • using estimated length for streaming file formats without length info
  • made sample rate conversion (libsamplerate) mandantory
  • increased default memory sizes
  • added toolbar buttons for "File/SaveAs" and "File/Close"
  • reordered toolbars
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2013-11-24

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