v0.8.6 released

0.8.6 [2011-03-07]

  • bugfix: copy/paste with partial track selection failed
  • bugfix: labels update after undo of copy&paste failed on multitrack signals
  • string/i18n update from Panagiotis Papadopoulos
  • bugfix: invocation of xgettext was wrong, left untranslated strings
  • plugin API change: support for translateable short description
  • about plugin: use plugin info from PluginManager
  • bugfix: last directory of file dialogs sometimes got lost
  • bugfix: wrong message when canceling Ogg import
  • replaced sched_yield() with QThread::yieldCurrentThread()
  • added cmake parameter for disabling optimized memcpy support
  • integrated patch #3021795 for Qt-4.7 compatibility
  • bugfix: optimized memcpy for PPC (SF bug #3068664)
  • doc: upgrade to DocBook XML V4.2 / V1.1
  • build fixes for qt-4.7
  • no longer using QSplashScreen (has side effects, operates as modal window)
  • bugfix: startup as unique application did not work correctly
  • bugfix: potential crash in message loop of progress dialog
  • bugfix: handling of track selection was wrong in reverse plugin
  • workaround for bug in libaudiofile: some files have sampe rate zero,
    falling back to 8000 samples/sec in that case (audio/x-ircam, sun, BE)
  • bugfix: reverse failed on files smaller than the internal block size
  • using entities for URLs in handbook, to simplify maintenance
  • bugfix in cmake files: some invocations of STREQUAL lacked quotes
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2012-09-30