v0.7.8 released

0.7.8 [2006-12-31]

  • bugfix: workaround for bug in ALSA, crashed when initializing
    the dsnoop plugin
  • bugfix: error in swap file handling, one sample was destroyed
    when resizing. Affects cut, delete, crop and many other functions.
  • fixed the incorrect usage of the word "loose" (thanks to J.T. Hundley)
  • bugfix: went back to old implementation of ThreadsafeX11Guard class
    in order to fix a deadlock (closes sourceforge bug #1623357)
  • documentation update: mention Subversion instead of CVS
  • zero plugin: new mode, support for inserting a range filled with silence
  • fixed the macro functions "Fade Leadin" and "Fade Leadout", using the
    new mode of the 'zero' plugin
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2012-09-30

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