v0.7.2 released

0.7.2 [2004-12-31]

  • big rework of the internal streaming/storage subsystem,
    support for multiple stripes.
    Makes a big speedup when handling large files!
    Creating an empty 512MB file before: over 350 sec,
    now: about 25 sec (on my system)
  • optimized versions of memcpy() for ix86 (using MMX, MMXEXT,
    3DNOW, SSE, SSE2) and for PowerPC, copied from the xine project
  • some support for X86_64
  • bugfix: in memory setup plugin, set virtual memory limit only if
    the limit has been enabled (checkbox is clicked)
  • bugfix: clipping in Ogg import filter was incorrect
  • speedups: import of Ogg and MP3 files improved
  • removed code copied from the GSL library, link against the
    shared library instead
  • added target "package-messages" to the toplevel Makefile,
    for translators
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2012-09-30

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