v0.6.6 released

Here a brief summary of the changes:

  • works with KDE-3.1
  • many improvements on the build system. Now compiles under Debian,
    Mandrake, RedHat, Gentoo and SuSE
  • starting up with last window size
  • Xt toolkit option for geometry works again, including workaround
    for bug in KDE3's geometry management.
    example: "kwave -geometry 800x600"
  • bugfix: select to left selected one sample less then needed
  • volume plugin: simple clipping
  • volume plugin: mode for "multiply with /divide through factor"
  • newsignal and selectrange plugin: got rid of KDoubleNumInput and
    it's weird display and entry behaviour
  • selectrange plugin: also select start position of selection
  • can use libmad and libaudiofile from the host system if usable
  • show the fileinfo plugin when saving under a different mime type

This was mostly a "compatibility release", I made it compile under
Debian-3.1, RedHat-8, Mandrake-9 and Gentoo-1.4, int addition to SuSE-8.1. All that made a lot of work, so only few of the features
planned for this release really got in, sorry!

(the CVS release tag is Release-0_6_6)

Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2003-03-01

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