#2 remove dependency to id3lib


Some distributions do not include proper support for id3lib, so id3lib should be supported by some other library, maybe "taglib".


  • Adrián Chaves Fernández

    What’s the plan, to replace id3lib with taglib, or to support both and use taglib only when id3lib is not available?

  • Thomas Eschenbacher

    I have this on my TODO list for quite a while, but came to the conclusion that there is currently no ready-to-use alternative available:

    => taglib currently works only on files, unsuitable API
    + inaccurate file length detection (units of 1 sec)
    => libid3tag is nearly as old, undocumented, and would
    produce a lot of work

    Possible solutions for this would be:

    1) add "virtual file" support to taglib
    2) port id3lib to the distributions that currently lack support for it
    3) re-invent the wheel and implement ID3 tag support on my own

  • Adrián Chaves Fernández

    I think you should go with (2), and keep using what works for you already. If a distribution wants to package KWave, they will package your dependencies as well.


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