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0.2.1beta is here and a case fix

Sourceforge reports that 0.2beta is the lastest or lastest stable version however, 0.2.1beta is. I ran into some problems in testing some themes so I released another version which fixes them.

By the way, when extracting the files for the windows theme file you should make sure that they are all lower case. To windows SoMeFilE.TxT is the same as somefile.txt is the same as SOMEFILE.TXT. So sometimes in the windows theme file you'll get soundfile.WAV when the file is SOUNDFILE.wav. kTheme changes any filenames in the theme file to lower case. Thus you should extract them all in lower case or manually change them.... read more

Posted by Chris Wallace 2000-10-29

From Alpha to Beta

I have released kTheme 0.2Beta. This release takes care of most of the conversions. Minor problems, fixes, functionality and documentation still need to be done. But for the most part this is the most stable, functional release yet.

If you downloaded any other release then you should find that this is one fixes most of the problems.

Release 0.2.5Beta will not add much but rather will be a house cleaning release. I'm not sure about how many have looked at the code but it is kind of a mess and not comments. These, and all those warning messages should be gone in the next release. Also better error handling is planned.... read more

Posted by Chris Wallace 2000-10-28

version 0.1.1alpha has been released!

kTheme 0.1.1alpha has been released. I have tried to improve it and add new features. Things are still buggy and/or don't work but for the most part it should convert a windows theme to a kde theme - at least the ones I tested. See the change log for a list of improvements.

If anybody is interested in join this project then all meens let me know - I don't have much time on my hands but I try to get as much done as possible.... read more

Posted by Chris Wallace 2000-10-26

version 0.1alpha is out

The first release has been uploaded. This is just basically to show some functionality and to get some feedback. If you want to join this project or have any questions/comments/bugs/ideas/etc please make them known. Else all information is in the INSTALL or README files in the archive.


Posted by Chris Wallace 2000-10-22

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