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[r562] by AlonzoTG
2009-10-19 17:40:47 Tree
[r561] by AlonzoTG

tweak that lets you see which CNode the pins are getting their info from.

2009-10-19 03:39:22 Tree
[r560] by AlonzoTG
2009-10-19 03:37:28 Tree
[r559] by AlonzoTG

safer wire delete loop for Pin's destructor.

2009-10-19 02:21:30 Tree
[r558] by AlonzoTG

matrix display resize now works.

2009-10-19 01:43:27 Tree
[r557] by AlonzoTG

fairly major commit, deals with how pins are allocated in ecnodes.

2009-10-19 01:07:58 Tree
[r556] by AlonzoTG

Fixed major resource leak in Component.

2009-10-18 21:47:10 Tree
[r555] by AlonzoTG

Clean out a q-value list, part of attempt to debug resizing matrixDisplay.

2009-10-18 21:11:22 Tree
[r554] by AlonzoTG

I hereby declare the handling of Switches in Ktechlab SANE. I, however, am not. =P

2009-10-18 05:21:10 Tree
[r553] by AlonzoTG

Since switch is not as much of a special case anymore, It doesn't need to interract with CircuitDocument. =))))

2009-10-18 04:13:42 Tree
[r552] by AlonzoTG

improved setCurrent in currentsource.

2009-10-18 03:03:15 Tree
[r551] by AlonzoTG

Pin nolonger knows anything about switches HUZAH!!! =P Switches now work by creating and destroying wires. ;) Circuits can have many hundreds of pins so it's important that they be as simple and bugproof as possible.

2009-10-18 01:34:52 Tree
[r550] by AlonzoTG

Trying to relieve my Pin <-> Switch headache.

2009-10-17 22:46:24 Tree
[r549] by AlonzoTG

Continuing my focus on Pin today, I cleaned up the interface to its wires a bit, and removed a redundant test from Wire.cpp.

2009-10-17 21:38:34 Tree
[r548] by AlonzoTG

remove seemingly redundant code from circuitdocument.

2009-10-17 20:35:07 Tree
[r547] by AlonzoTG

removed dead code path from CircuitDocument

2009-10-17 19:34:30 Tree
[r546] by AlonzoTG

After much deliberation, I've re-affirmed my initial gut reaction that Zoltan was wrong. Comment added to explain.

2009-10-17 18:53:51 Tree
[r545] by AlonzoTG
2009-10-17 18:28:02 Tree
[r544] by AlonzoTG

The connector deletion code is really tricky. =(

2009-10-17 18:26:18 Tree
[r543] by AlonzoTG

Small refactoring of some crap from ECNode into PinNode... Also re-inserted the Zoltan code for debugging.

2009-10-17 17:39:14 Tree
[r542] by AlonzoTG

reverted a previous debugging configuration to hide pin from circuitICNDocument.

2009-10-17 16:36:54 Tree
[r541] by AlonzoTG

remove confusing declaration of wireList.

2009-10-17 07:54:26 Tree
[r540] by AlonzoTG
2009-10-17 06:14:21 Tree
[r539] by AlonzoTG

mostly a cleanup of includes in components.

2009-10-17 05:49:33 Tree
[r538] by AlonzoTG

I think if we can get Pin closer to where Wire is, a lot of our bugs will go poof.

2009-10-17 04:57:59 Tree
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