I think it would be nice to have some sort of forum to get people together around this project, but I don't know if it would expand the user base. I've always found mailing lists to be confusing and clunky, because they lack a nice and clean overview of topics/threads.
It is quite frustrating to see this project fail, when I really want to contribute something useful, as it is such a nice program. But I probably don't have the skills to manage the project or write any C++ code. I have some experience in python and php, but that doesnt help much. I would like to help, but don't know where to put my effort. Translating the application to all languages, will neither put this project further. First of all we need a project leader, who can tell people what to help with ;)

On Sun, Jun 1, 2008 at 10:17 PM, David Briscoe <david@djsbriscoe.vispa.com> wrote:
I am sad to hear that Ktechlab is in decline. I would like to make a suggestion that could help to build up a
community of users and gauge interest in the project.
Some time ago I started a yahoo group to help get people together to translate KICAD (a GPL EDA suit) documentation
from French into English. This was a success and It helped to expand the user base.
Since then a user group and a developer group has been set up. The project is now very active and has attracted a lot of
professional developers.
I have also helped the programme be adopted at the university where I work as a technician. I use Kicad for all my PCB work
and it is increasingly being used by students.
Please tell me what you think of this suggestion and if there is a positive response I may set up a user group and act as moderator.
Or maybe a developer group would be more appropriate.
Please let me know what you think.

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