devices could be compiled in shared libraries along with the executable, and still be written in C/C++.
or ktechlab could include some interpreted language runtime which is able to compile scripts to binary and execute them.
in Blender's game engine, python scripts are parsed & converted to bytecode, and then the bytecode is evaluated at each requested iteration. The thing is that it's node compiled code that's run but bytecode. The speed is ok though.
I think that ruby can compile files into executable but I'm not sure. So with this assumption, if ruby is include inside ktechlab, every time new components are downloaded and added to the ktechlab device libraries, ruby could compile these new devices scripts and those could be dynamically linked as shared libraries.

One month ago, I noticed a piece of software on the internet which does the same thing as ktechlab (and with hdl support), it's a shareware... maybe... I find the web page again, I could contact the software developper and ask him how things work for his software application (I'll test first if the software can use external components).

proteus's isis also has an interactive circuit simulator... maybe we could write to them and ask them how things work as to how components are stored/loaded/compiled.


On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 2:17 PM, Mauricio Giovagnini <maugiovagnini@yahoo.com.ar> wrote:
Julian Bäume escribió:
> On Monday 26 May 2008 13:35:30 Mauricio Giovagnini wrote:
>> I can't add anything as I'm not used to the internal
>> simulation characteristics of Ktechlab but is there anything
>> like Spice involved?
> No, you derive a special component from the component base class and implement
> the internals based on the values (current and voltage) that are connected at
> the pins you define for your component. This computation will change the pins
> values based on the behaviour of your special component. This is exactly the
> point Alan mentions here, since this doesn't scale. You will end up with
> hundrets of special classes each for a special calculation for one special
> component.
> bye then
> julian

Hi julian. Now I can figure out the magnitude of the
problem.  So, the project doesn't need "coders", it needs
system engineers and mathematicians, with experience in
simulation tools.  At least on the technical point of view.

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