I could write to my computer science teacher & maybe electronic teacher.
i'm a student in 3rd year after high school student in a french IT enginneering school.
here in my engineering school (in France), students in first, 2nd year (and 4th year) after A-level/baccalauréat/Abitur/high school diploma
do projects over 1 year with 3 oral presentations over the year. They have to study some topic and give in some deliverables based on the subject they've studied.
I know that : teachers propose subjects each year and student can propose new ideas as well, and then it's up to the teachers to accept if the students are allowed to choose a topic or another for their project.

There's one issue though, C is taught in first year to all the students. Then there's some basic VHDL and class oriented UML in second year. And for some students C++ in the third year. I doubt that people in 1st and 2nd year will be able to catch up on C++ easily unless they're given some introductions to it by students who have learnt that language.

it's going to be too late for students to work on the project officially as a year project but I still could propose something for next year (starting in september/november).

do you have any project implementation ideas I could give to the teachers as subjects for next year projects ?
I had one idea, which I had talked about earlier on this list without reply :
- add the ability to import and simulate VHDL circuits the same way as we already can do with PICs in Ktechlab.
As I had said in my email then, I'd be glad to have this feature, because in this school in 2nd year we have some tutorials on programming VHDL with ISIS and transferring the code on a demoboard (which has 7seg displays & buttons to play with the chip interactively). However the teachers take away the demoboards after the tutorials, so it's not possible (unless by asking...) to take longer to work on them. I'd be glad to able to code something as simple as an alarm clock in VHDL and be able to plug it to buttons & 7 segs in KTechLab.

One thing I could do as well, is post a message on the internal forums asking students if they're willing to participate.

I'm waiting for more of your ideas & comments to send emails and post something on my school's internal forums.

On another topic, I'd be ok to give say 3 dollars (out of the $6 or 5 I've read about ealier) a month for paying one part of the domain name cost, for one year.


On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 9:03 PM, Mauricio Giovagnini <maugiovagnini@yahoo.com.ar> wrote:
Julian Bäume escribió:
> Hi,
> it's me again,
> On Wednesday 21 May 2008 Jason Lucas wrote:
>> Well, thanks for the input Guys. It's the busiest time the list has seen
>> for a while! One thing that is most apparent is that we would all like
>> to keen the project alive, but none of us have the time to do it. I'm
>> surprised that there has been very little activity from the vast student
>> population that uses OSS. Surely in this day and age, active involvement
>> in an OSS project should be paramount in a degree student's portfolio.
>> We have in the past been contacted by various educational establishments
>> regarding the status of the project (check the list), yet none of them
>> have actually bothered to to encourage their students to participate in
>> OSS projects.

> Well, as a student I must say, that it's quite hard for me to get in touch
> with OSS projects. I try to, but I have quite a little time to really put
> work into such a project. I really dislike this, but I haven't managed to get
> my studies and OSS together in a way that can move something. Some weeks ago
> I convinced a lecturer to do some work for an OSS project, but that was quite
> hard, because I now have to do everything on my own. Sadly the subject hasn't
> anything to do with ktechlab, because this is a multi-media lecture.

I fell the same, but I think Ktechlab is powerful that's why
I don't want the project to fall.

I think my best skilled is on the Microcontroller field...
perhaps I could help Ktechlab more working in projects like
gpsim rather than the Ktechlab itself.  And then taking care
of the addition of more and more microcontrollers to the
list of available devices. I program Microchip PICs mostly.
 I'm also a PC programmer (mostly on the interface level
with microcontrollers) so I could join both skills to help
improve Ktechlab in that area.  Its a huge may be right now

> So what the students need to get in touch with OSS, is a project they can work
> on, and it must be guided by some of the lecturers. At least my university
> fails at the last point :-/

I read on computer magazine a some months ago that in a
United States University this was begining to change.  They
have a couple of pilot open source projects, leaded by a Phd
student or a teacher.  The goal was to put the students in
touch with a real project before going to the real world so
the expertise acquired will benefit them, their employers
and the Open Source Community too.

May be within 5 or 10 years (this things advance slowly...)
OS will be the common rule and student will be forced to
participate by making their participation in a OS project
could be a subject or an off-class duty.

>> We need to change the attitude of some of these educational
>> establishments: to view participation in an OSS project as an integral
>> part of the educational (and indeed the qualification) process.
>> I hope that this will actually happen, but I'm not holding my breath.
> Since I started looking at the ktechlab code and joined the mailing-list, I
> thought of ways to encourage the people from my university to get in touch
> with ktechlab and use it for education purposes. It's not easy to find
> somebody to supervise the work, so everything is up to the student.
> Since time passed by this year, I mentioned, that I was stuck within a project
> I had to do in order to start my diploma thesis. So I decided to stop it
> during the summer term and start something more promising later. As I
> mentioned on this list before, I'm planning the move to kde4 technology for
> ktechlab, but was interrupted again and again by other important things. Now
> I decided to continue this work as part of my study. At the moment I try to
> find somebody to be the mentor for my student research project, where I try
> to find a path (and may be also some implementation) to migrate all the stuff
> to use kde4 libraries. If I can find somebody, this means, I would have 3
> month (on the paper, in fact this can be even more) to work only for this
> purpose and I'd really love to do that. I'll see, what the next weeks will
> bring and keep you up to date.

Good luck with that! Perhaps you find such person! There's
must be somebody out there to fulfill that skill description.

I'm doing an IT MS Degree(I'm an electronic engineer) but
I'm on the early stages of a 2 year career.. so , I'm far
from dealing with a Graduation Final Project. :) :)

I wish it to be an Open Source project itself or a
participation in an Open Source project (maybe KTechlab will
be the chosen one)

Mauricio Giovagnini (Maunix)
Cordoba, Arg.
LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mgiovagnini

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