I've added a notice of migration to the KTechLab wiki. See the top of the page here:


Please test the Github wiki, in order to see any issues, before changing the redirect of ktechlab.sf.net to it. I'm planning to change the redirect tomorrow. Link to the github wiki:


What makes the github wiki very attractive to me is its git backend. The wiki can be edited offline, and the uploaded with one command. There is no more lag while editing the offline wiki, as opposed to sourceforge.

Note about the mediawiki header: I've added a MediaWiki:Sitenotice page.

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Zoltan Padrah 2012. augusztus 22., szerda napon a következõt írta:

because no other proposals for wiki location have been done, I'm
starting to copy the contents of the existing wiki to ktechlab's wiki
on github.

Please signal on this list any editing of the current wiki, so we will
be able to synchronize the two wikis, before retiring the hosted app
on sourceforge.

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2012/7/10 Zoltan Padrah <zoltan.padrah@gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> the retirement of hosted apps is offical.
> For long term I propose to migrate the content of the hosted mediawiki
> into the source tree as documentation, and to github's wiki service as
> supporting material.
> My point against the migration to "project web" is that the
> applications running in project web need to be maintained, and in my
> opinion we don't have the (human) resources to do it.
> If you know any "0-maintanence" service, that could be used instead of
> sourceforge's hosted mediawiki, please signal it.
> As usual, feedback is welcome.
>  Zoltan
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: SourceForge.net Team <noreply@sourceforge.net>
> Date: 2012/7/9
> Subject: Hosted Apps Retirement - Clarification and Timeline Update
> To: zoltan.padrah@gmail.com
> Last week we sent you email regarding the retirement of Hosted Apps on the
> SourceForge website. We've received quite a few questions about this, so
> we'd like to clarify a few points.
> *What are Hosted Apps?*
> SourceForge provides hosting for projects.  This hosting includes a variety
> of features, including download service, listing in our project directory,
> web hosting service, and a specific application service we call "Hosted
> Apps".
> The Hosted Apps service consists of SourceForge-managed instances of:
> Wordpress, Trac, phpBB, MediaWiki, Piwik, Dotproject, a URL shortener,
> MantisBT, Gallery, IdeaTorrent, CodeStriker, TaskFreak!, phpWebSite, AN
> Guestbook, LimeSurvey and Laconica.
> *What is changing?*
> We are preparing to discontinue the Hosted Apps service.  We had originally
> slated this to happen on September 1st.  We are electing to delay this
> service shutdown to later in 2012Q4.
> No other portion of the SourceForge offering is being discontinued.  We'll
> continue hosting your project, providing SCM, downloads, project web,
> mailing list, ticketing, forum, wiki, and directory listing services as we
> do today.  Only the Hosted Apps portion of our offering is being
> discontinued.
> Before shutdown, we are hoping for projects to deploy apps they wish to
> keep to our project web service, which is not being shut down.  To support
> these migrations, we'll handle integration (package deployment), OpenID
> (SourceForge accounts for auth), migration docs, and handoff backups for
> all projects.
> Work is in-progress on OpenID now (~July).  We'll then assist with package
> deployment and documentation to support migration of these applications to
> the project web service (~August).
> Pending completion of all necessary dependencies (~August/September), we
> intend to provide a month for projects to complete their migrations.  We'll
> keep you posted on the exact timeline.  If you have concerns at that point,
> we'll provide you support in the process.
> *How can I help?*
> A list of the Hosted Apps enabled for your projects may be found at:
> http://sourceforge.net/help/hostedapps/
> 1. Please check the above page.  If you have apps that are not in use,
> please disable them. Note that disabled apps cannot be re-enabled.
> 2. Keep an eye out for further timeline updates.  Once migration
> instructions, OpenID and all package dependencies are handled, we'll be in
> touch.
> 3. Contribute to the migration documentation. If you have experience
> deploying any of these applications in our Project web space, we'd
> appreciate help with our documentation efforts.
> The migration documents and timeline are maintained here:
> https://sourceforge.net/p/forge/community-docs/Hosted%20Apps%20Retirement/
> *I need more help!*
> As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us
> at communityteam@sourcefor