On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 9:54 PM, Zoltan Padrah <zoltan.padrah@gmail.com> wrote:

2010/8/9 Matthew Ayres <solar.granulation@gmail.com> 
Does anyone have a suggestion to which distro I use, particularly so that I can aide in porting KTechLab?

For porting, I'm using kde4, kdevelop4, git and and the new code base. The kde3 version is useful only to know how should various features work.

Ah, excellent.  I've found the wiki article for developing ktechlab with kdevelop4.  Having some problems right now but hopefully when I'm more awake (tomorrow) I'll be able to sort that out.

Meanwhile, I downloaded the openSUSE-Education live DVD.  It doesn't seem to have KTechLab though :(