I can help with porting to QT4, and maybe some components.


On 6/25/07, Jason Lucas < jason.lucas7@ntlworld.com> wrote:
First, A quick thanks to all of you that have helped out with the
project since I took it over, and to all of you that have volunteered
your time and knowledge to the future of the project.

Special thanks to Chitlesh and Alan for their support.

OK - let's get this show on the road.

There's loads of work to be done on the project,so I've come up with the
following 'TODO' list:

Improve PIC support in Flowcoder and Microbe

Improve/fix simulation engine

Add new components
        e.g AC Power source

Simulate component failure

Support for4000 Series CMOS logic ICs

A 'Real' Oscilloscope

A two tier simulator mode e.g 'Basic' simulation for students/beginners
'Advanced' simulation for professionals

Stripboard/PCB layout designer

Mechanical Simulation:
        Stepper Motor

        User Manual (Student/Professional)
        Improved Code Documentation
        Improved Help Documentation

Port to QT4

(Dare I say it) Windows/Mac port.

Improved Internationalisation

Any improvements suggested by Alan Grimes ;)

Our current overall aim is to be the de-facto standard electronics
simulation IDE in the Educational and Hobbyist arena.

A tall order perhaps, but I'm sure we can do it.


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