2009/10/11 Alan Grimes <agrimes@speakeasy.net>
Zoltan Padrah wrote:
>> There is also a bug when closing files directly shown in screen (created in
>> /temp/k.. ) that can be easily fixed (just don't creating a new temp file).
>  This is a new one for me. Which mail haven't I read?
>> For the piccomponent is not very difficult to add a property to choose clock
>> MHz and add a loop in simulator to manage speed.

>  This is tricky. Some odd behaviour might occur if we have 2 loops in
> the simulator.

I'm pretty sure PIC Components already are handled in the simulator.
There are about 4 lines having to do with them. I haven't done anything
to them because I'm not into digital. it should be possible to rework
that so that it can synchronize with the

Yes, the loop i'm talking about  is just there, that lines you mention is a "for loop" that call every gpsimprocessor and run 1 step in gpsim.
the only thing the loop  does is: depending on the clock speed of each piccomponent 1,2,3,4 or 5 steps will be executed on gpsim in every logic update.

But for this to work a new property is needed in piccomponent to choose the clock speed, and two new functions in gpsimprocessor like: set_clocksteps() to call from piccomponent and get_clocksteps() to call from simulator. This is the way i did, but i'm sure there are better ones.

This is just a workaround, not a real solution to run pics at realtime, but i think this is better than runing the pic a a fixed rate of 1e6 steps/s (=4MHZ pic clock)

>> Running the qtimer at 10 ms does the simulation to go at real time for me.

>  Changeing the simulator's "tick" period should be done one day. There
> are quite a few issues with the simulator, starting from the total
> lack of documentation about it.

Have you seen the current SVN head version of the simulator? It's
considerably simpler than the previous versions and should be easier to

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