2009/10/1 santiago gonzalez <santigoro@gmail.com>
I have this problem in rev. 459 and some previous.

When i create a new circuit, add a pic component, load a file and run it, it works, there are some problems depending on the loaded program, but it works.
If i close the circuit document, and open it again then the simulation doesn't work; if i open the simbols viewer, i see all is working ok, all the register are doing what they have to, but in the circuit view all the pic pins stay low and nothing happens.
If i delete that pic and drag - drop a new one, load the file and run, it works... but when i close and open again the circuit, it doesn't work...

Ok... this bug was introduced in rev 298,... in rev 297 pic simulation was working ok.

Say that the problem also occurs  when re-loading the pic program.