Ok... looks that the problem is not only in potentiometer, with fixed resistors i have the same problem.

In rev 419 the problem is not present, in rev 421 the problem appear, then here is the stuff.

2009/10/1 Alan Grimes <agrimes@speakeasy.net>
Just the subject line was all I needed. Thanks.

I've not laid a finger on the analog code in weeks. I did take a 2x4 to
the UI code but not the underlying simulator (that side of it, at
least). This appears to be a simulator bug though. I have no idea what
the hell could be going on here.

Oh jeez, the potentiometer code (ECPotentiometer::dataChanged() ) is not
getting called. =(

The closest thing to a workaround is to add something to the circuit and
then delete it, this forces the system to re-build the circuit from
scratch which forces a call to dataChanged()....

It's 3:20 AM right now so I can't put any more time into this, maybe
Zoltan the magnificent can figure out what the hell I did wrong... =P

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