Ok... found the parallel port inputs (status) error.. the setHigh() operation was ORed with the readed value but it should be ANDed... now seting or clearing status pins in the real port is shown in ktechlab and can be conected to a ktl circuit... lets do some testings... :)

About the serial port the only thing to interface a pic or any other circuit is a max232 or any other voltage adapter, depending on what the real circuits needs.

2009/9/15 santiago gonzalez <santigoro@gmail.com>
No... is not a rs232 comunication... no protocol... you can just set or clear a pin, just like an electric conection. It can work just like a wire.

2009/9/15 Alan Grimes <agrimes@speakeasy.net>

> I'm thinking in not simulate PIC but run the code in a real pic and
> conect it to a virtual circuit through parallel port. I did a try with a
> real pic managing a virtual led in kltechlab through serial port,
> working ok; but serial has just a few lines, with parallel i could
> interface two whole ports.

Obviously, with a serial port, you'll need a receiver/demultipelxer/UART
on the other end.

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