2010/3/26 Julian Bäume <julian@svg4all.de>
>   My question is how should be the Simulator class implemented? It's good
> enough a singleton as it was? The problem becomes tricky when we consider
> the plugin structure... Or should we use come class from ktechlatform?
For now, I would like to change the code as little, as possible. So I'd prefer
using a singleton, again.

Then the simulator class will have to be loaded at application launch, or strange things will happen.

Another thing I want to discuss is removing all GPSimProcessor calls and
references from the simulator. I prepared a patch, that does this and without
this, we won't have any PIC support in the simulator, but at least it compiles
for me, now ;) (it doesn't link, because I haven't finished the other classes
in that directory, yet.. ) Is it okay to temporarily remove PIC support and
bring that feature back later?

I'd recommend to place the PIC support in a separate plugin. It also introduces an external dependency (gpsim). For now just exclude building that plugin.

bye then

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