Hi all,

a while ago I stumbled upon KSimus and started playing with that one. Used it as kind of puzzle game; set myself a goal and try to implement it. E.g. I built a 2 digit decimal counter from the available components. Nothing special, but it got me hooked.

At the same time I was looking into programming again. My current job does not require me to code and I'm missing that so I decided to take on a project, preferable KDE. Instead of starting something myself I decided it would be better to contribute to an existing project. KSimus seemed the one as it is abandoned since 2003. Made code adjustments so it compiles for GCC 4.2 and was moving the build system to CMake.

Tried to get into contact with the original author, but have been uncussesfull untill now.

Then I discovered KTechlab and started playing with that. Wow, this tool is really cool and was surprised I didn't hear about it before. So I started to look a bit deeper. The PDF tutorial with examples is really great (I'm half-way now).

But then, I got lost in the information. I'm not sure what is the real website (sourceforge, ktechlab.org or?). Forums seem to be dead, but there is some mailinglist activity despite the news section states KTechlab is in-active.

To make a long story short, I'm looking for a project that is willing to 'adopt' me. Being a father with a full time job, I can not guarantee many hours a day but spending a few consequtive hours every few days is no problem.

I have a degree in Computing Science from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Started working for Ericsson and unfortunately lost touch with writing code completely. Have no experience in KDE or QT. C++ is rather rusty. But I'm learning fast.

Electronics is an erea I do not have any background in, but I'm interested in learning it because I'm involved in a project now that designs ASICs and reference configurations. This is how I (privately, I'm not required to understand it at all) found first KSimus and later KTechlab.

So, if you think you can use a helping hand, please let me know.