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De: Niels Egberts <>
Enviado: domingo, 25 de enero, 2009 20:07:47
Asunto: [Ktechlab-devel] create subcircuit

First of all I have to say ktechlab is absolutely great and I think it has very much potential. The way everything just appears at an instant on your screen is amazing. Most things I've tried till now were for example based on spice and needed to "simulate" everytime you wanted to see ouput, the way you can interact with the system in realtime is great.

But now my question, I'm running the latest svn version because the version in the ubuntu repository is extremely unstable, it crashes when you drag a battery into the workfield. I've read some stuff on the wiki and there is part about "creating a subcircuit" (see link). It looks like it is very handy, but I can't find it anywhere.

Is this still in Ktechlab, or is it going to be re-implented?