I have couple of ideas for ktechlab "offsite" created at: [http://ktechwiki.gofreeserve.com ] after I wake up i'm going to try to start to work on it today. My  idea is to have an extension to the main site for documentation, tutorials and general Electronics sections. Such as resources to Electronics gpl ebook(s) that came across before on the internet. For now I'm picking a free web host -- if the site grows or I can manage it well. I'll upgrade to the premium with the host  $38 a year. Additionally i'm planning to run it with glfushion portal after playing with it.  If the contents will worth anything in the future ktechlab.org can link to to it.  I'm trying not to take on too much to pay price later if I fail (bare with me i'm trying).  So if things go well we will have a second non competing site. Which will take on the "extras"  and always contain releases of ktechlab.org.   It supposed to be more than just a wiki read more below.
The primary focus is to have everyone chipping  in together. While still being run in "addition"  not "in replacement" I'll need  though people to contribute "help contents / video tutorials / mp3 audio tutorials / sample  circuits / forums / changelogs etc"  to the site.   Next all the bells and extras at leisure  time.   I already  mind mapped  the portal and the host (right choice will see later?).