Hello Lawrence,
unless anyone has any objections.
Here are my thoughts:
   It appears the "CMS"  portal you want to use from the main site is down (temporary?). The only reason why I bring it up. Is as a result of my own concerns, if the portal is of good nature (stable, etc). 
"[David Saxton]"
 If your talking about the original creator then.  One has to wonder, if the person is still even alive. Given that some people live in various "active" zones. I'm pretty sure he did not forget about the project. It is "why" isn't he replying to anyone in my thought is bothersome at least to me.  Even if he willfully abandoned the project.
* How are you going to be able to switch the site if he never appears?  Do you have any authority over the Registry?  When I say authority is can they unlock and release the domain under a different owner?

On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 8:26 PM, Lawrence Shafer <detroit371@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Everyone,  Jason just got me all set up to do all the web admin
stuff, and what I would like to do is move the site from his server to
one of my co-located personal servers where I have the freedom and the
power to do anything. I will also be migrating the site to the TYPO3 CMS
unless anyone has any objections. David Saxton is still the domain
registrant, and it seems that he has been on another planet for a long
time, so I may have a very hard time pointing the domain name to my
server. I have 3 email addresses for David and am going to bombard them
until I get something!!! This will not be a fast process,as the new site
will not go live until it's ready, and there will be no downtime for the
wiki or the main site.

I'm just telling all of you my plans, and am open for input.


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