I found ktechlab a week ago in the opensuse education repository. Unfortunately I just started with AVR µCs instead of PICs. The project seemed some kind of dead to me because the about dialog mentioned a date in 2006.

So my question is: How "not dead" is the project? How many people are you? I saw some recent changes to the wiki, subscribed today to the mailing list and was surprised to see mails about how to organize the structure of such a project.

I'm very interested in the product. I study electrical engineering Darmstadt/Germany but do a lot of Qt-coding, mostly graphics stuff: Styles, Custom Widgets and ATM I get into the graphics view by developing a small SPICE-Editor.

I'm willing to help if needed in such graphics things and maybe in the finite state machine part. I was thinking about doing finite state machines with Atmels for a long time. I had a working FSM-Editor done with cocoa two years ago or so but it was basic (Only a spread sheet view of transition and states, no graphical editor).

For implementation of FSM in a microcontroller, I was thinking that one only needs to find how many bits are needed to encode the states based on the number of states, then have the transition table and lookup the next state based on the current state and input (in case of a mealy machine). If this level is acceptable, I would like to join.

Best regards,
Axel Jäger

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