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New or improved components:
* Transistors (NPN and PNP).
* Inductor.
* Ideal opamp.
* Rotary switch.
* Bus connection.
* Matrix display and driver.
* Magnitude comparator.
* Voltage and current probes for oscilloscope.
* Simulated bouncing for switches.
* Serial and parallel port components (interface with computer hardware).

Project Management:
* Complete rewrite...
* Support for building targets, with processing and linking options.

FlowCode / Microbe:
* Can read from keypads and display on seven segment displays.
* Add warning for floating connections in FlowCode.
* Generated assembly is now heavily optimized.

* High level language support (SDCC, Microbe).
* Mouse-over variable inspection.
* Symbol Viewer.

* Cache simulation data for circuits with discrete set of inputs (and no
  reactive components).
* Speed up calculation of diode operating point.
* Optimized mixed logic and non-logic simulation.
* Optimized recording of boolean data from logic probes.

* Translations into French, Spanish and Italian.
* Replaced KMDI with KateMDI (toolviews remember sizes, lots of other
* Modularised GUI - menus and toolbars are hidden / shown as appropriate for
  the document being edited.
* Toolbar item editor is now squashable.
* Lots of icon improvements.

* Removed flicker when resizing the work area.
* Remember cursor position in text documents on save / restore.
* Removed flicker when joining / splitting connectors.
* Save undo / redo state after editing data.
* Remember connection routing selection.
* Try and retain upwards position of text when rotating / reflecting components.
* Editing of real numbers now always uses three significant figures.
* Give LEDs a nice selection of predefined LED colours.

Miscellaneous Features:
* PIC program uploading (via the use of external programs).
* Allow changing of the z-ordering of items.
* Added support for gpsim-0.21.11 and gpsim-0.21.12.