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Ktl J Ohny B Log

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[b78c33] (514 Bytes) by Julian Bäume Julian Bäume

fix linking of tests

somehow this has been wrong for some time now.

2011-01-09 20:48:45 View
[a3ed4b] (511 Bytes) by Julian Bäume Julian Bäume

move CircuitModel into circuit lib

this will be shared, so we should ba able to link against it

2010-10-05 13:50:29 View
[8ea2e7] (1.0 kB) by Julian Bäume Julian Bäume

refactor CircuitModel

first steps towards the new circuit model. it will be a tree like model,
because the documents are stored in XML. for now, this will make
visualisation of old circuits crash, but this will be fixed, soon.
it is still able to load circuit files and a first test for that is now

2010-10-05 13:12:54 View