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[dfe209] (2.3 kB) by Julian Bäume Julian Bäume

move many things around

* move many methods from IRouterPlugin into IRoutingInformation
* update plugins and tests and dependend classes

2010-07-30 18:35:00 View
[3a2bb5] (6.7 kB) by Julian Bäume Julian Bäume

rename IConRouter -> IRouterPlugin

this name better describes the purpose of that interface. some more
refactoring is yet to come.

2010-07-30 15:08:46 View
[a7d7ac] (None) by Julian Bäume Julian Bäume

major rework and fixing of routing visualization

most functionality has been moved into the base class, since it should
be the same for every visualization. individual data can be provided by
2 virtual protected methods by the actual implementation.

2010-07-29 23:06:19 View
[ecd401] (None) by Julian Bäume Julian Bäume

make router plugins independent from document

Since the plugins are singletons, internal routing information needs to
be stored within the scene. During routing, this information can then be
get by the algorithm and used for routing within the document.

port automatic router to use IRoutingInformation

2010-07-19 13:03:27 View
[9d9e98] (None) by Julian Bäume Julian Bäume

add interface to visualize routing information

This is very useful for debugging and studying routing algorithms. See
API-docs for details

2010-04-27 10:59:46 View
[62ee44] (None) by Julian Bäume Julian Bäume

use the new scene class in IConRouter

* add idocumentscene.cpp to CMakeLists.txt
* change IConRouter class to use the scene instead of a Model
* get first information from the scene in automatic_router plugin

2010-02-17 19:02:03 View
[0bf35e] (None) by Julian Bäume Julian Bäume

change interface for KTechLab::IConRouter

- we want to be able to change the QPointF values within the functions,
so don't use references to force copying on call
- make more methods virtual to change behaviour in sub-classes

2010-02-11 15:52:14 View
[21c53a] (None) by Julian Bäume Julian Bäume

provide default implementation in IConRouter

Implement IConRouter::mapRoute(qreal,qreal,qreal,qreal) directly in the
abstract class. This way the implementation only must override one
method instead of both. Since we expect the default implementation to
work on QPointF to represent a point, the method working with single
coordinates is implemented in a default way.

2010-02-10 15:39:15 View
[38b1a2] (None) by Julian Bäume Julian Bäume

add first version of abstract router-plugin

This adds a base class for router-plugins. These plugins will provide
routing for documents containing components and connectors between
components. Since there is no efficient way of calculating optimal
routes, yet, this brings the possibility to implement different
heuristics of providing good routes.

2010-02-09 10:22:41 View