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How to generate graphs???

  • Srikar

    Srikar - 2008-02-10

    For suppose i create a ce amplifier. If i want to generate graphs between gain and frequency, how do i generate that graphs???

    • JasonP

      JasonP - 2008-12-22

      I just started playing with ktechlab myself, but i don't think that feature is supported yet. Aside from taking screenshots and cropping images of the oscilloscope, i haven't figured out how to save the output yet.

      To get the graphs your speaking of though, you should be able to attach the appropriate probe to your signal source. As an example, use the voltage signal source and connect the voltage probe. you can start and stop the simulation with the F10 key. You can also drag different signals in the oscilloscope to overlap ir you want to compare amplitude or phase shift. You can also zoom in and out to get different points of view of the signals.

      Unfortunately there are no quantifying markers, but you can still get the basic idea. I think this would be a great addition to the program. I know there is a request for more features in the oscilloscope section already. Hopefully someone will take it up.



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