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after simulating this circuit, and tracing it through completely, i think i found the culprit: an and gate misfiring. i restarted the program, reloaded the circuit, deleted and reinserted a "different" and gate, and i still got the same problem. i managed to capture a screenshot of the misfiring gate (attached) right next to the same gate with the same inputs displaying a different output. for more information, or for the entire circuit itself, please contact me at my gmail address "andruk" dot "tatum".


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    screenshot of and gate misfiring, next to correct and gate.

  • Zoltan P

    Zoltan P - 2008-09-17

    Could you please send that misbehaving circuit for testing? From that picture I can't reproduce the problem.

  • Julian Bäume

    Julian Bäume - 2008-09-18

    I also think this is not a simulation bug of the and-gate. The GUI seems to be misleading here. What you see as the "output" here is the visualisation of the value of the wire. This means this value can be produced everywhere else in the circuit.

  • Julian Bäume

    Julian Bäume - 2009-02-10

    As I said some month ago. The and-gate behaves nice from the simulator side. If you still got issues, please open another bug-report.

  • Julian Bäume

    Julian Bäume - 2009-02-10
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