#4 unable to compile kstars on RH7.1


When trying to compile kstars on RH7.1 - intel I found

1) fam-devel and libjpeg-devel should be added to
dependencies, fam is not checked by configure

2)The INSTALL file says that autoconf 2.13 should be
used (I have 2.13-10)
but I get a number of error messages like those
attached in file.
Do they suggest that autoconf 2.50 is necessary?


  • Wojciech Kazubski

    sample errors from make

  • Jason Harris

    Jason Harris - 2001-11-16

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    1) Are you sure you needed fam-devel? I don't have that
    package, and I've never had a problem compiling kstars.

    2) These errors are due to an incompatibility in the DocBook
    XML formats of KDE 2.1 and 2.2, they have nothing to do with
    autoconf. Since the documentation is the last step of the
    make process, you can safely ignore these errors and run
    make install. You can download the Handbook in HTML format
    from our webpage: http://kstars.sourceforge.net/docs.html
    There are installation instructions there also.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    The extra dependency may be caused by my upgrade to
    KDE-2.2.1 (from RawHide). Without fam-devel I got a message
    indicating missing libfam.la library when doing make
    Thanks for info on the second problem.
    Wojcich Kazubski

  • Wojciech Kazubski

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