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ksquirrel 0.7.0-pre2 is out

KSquirrel image viewer for KDE with the version 0.7.0-pre2 is out. Added preview widget, new slideshow widget, new image codecs. See http://ksquirrel.sourceforge.net/changelog.php for more.

Posted by Dmitry Baryshev 2007-04-09

ksquirrel binaries for openSUSE ans Slack

binaries for openSUSE 10.2 ans Slackware 11.0 are now available

Posted by Dmitry Baryshev 2007-03-30

KSquirrel 0.7.0-pre1 is out

New version with KIPI plugins support, multiple directory view, new extended thumbnails is out.

Posted by Dmitry Baryshev 2007-03-09

KSquirrel 0.6.0 is out

KSquirrel - image viewer for KDE upgraded to 0.6.0 version. Much work was done sinc 0.5.0. Here is main changes:

Main changes in ksquirrel-0.6.0 since 0.5.0:
* added edit tools (resize, rotate, print, convert ...)
* added DCOP interface
* added file actions in filemanager (Copy, Cut, Move, Select group, ...)
* added ksquirrel-small
* added version checker
* added slideshow and advanced slideshow
* source code is hardly commented
* bugfixes... read more

Posted by Dmitry Baryshev 2005-12-10

ksquirrel 0.6.0-pre9 released

This is last preview release. The next version will be 0.6.0-final. Many excellent things were done since 0.5.0. Added edit tools (resize, rotate, print...), added many image formats (including TTF, MNG, SVG, WMF, OpenEXR...), added DCOP interface, bugfixes etc.

0.6.0 is coming soon!

Posted by Dmitry Baryshev 2005-11-20

ksquirrel-0.5.0-pre4 released


* fixed crushing on item execution (SIGALRM signal, or "Alarm clock")
* fixed awful lines (http://ksquirrel.sf.net/IMG/errors.png)
* support of multipaged images (GIF, ICO, etc.)
* Now my e-mail is ksquirrel at tut.by
* moved back to PNG thumbnails. Please, rm -rf ~/.ksquirrel/thumbnails/... read more

Posted by Dmitry Baryshev 2005-02-03

KSquirrel-0.5.0-preview3 released

ksquirrel-0.5.0-preview3 for KDE 3.2 and JPEG library for preview3
Please be patient - preview3 contains only one library. Anyway, it's just a preview.
>> critical or important:
* fixed wrong displaying of huge images (more than 2048x2048); now doesn't depend on GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE =)
* fixed crashing on thumbnail view
* fixed awful memory leak, shame on myself !! =)
* moved to JPEG thumbnails (remove old ones from ~/.ksquirrel/thumbnails !)
* detecting images by content (like Trolltech's QImage)
* removed "Look like ..." - unusable stuff
* please check README for new keyboard shortcuts.
>> other:
* now "make -f Makefile.dist" to recreate configure and other scripts
* configure was generated with autoconf 2.59, Makefiles - with automake 1.8.5
* fixed wrong url selection in treeview
* fixed wrong gridX value selection in SQ_FileThumbView
* fixed wrong filter selection on startup
* added library's filters support
* added pending thumbnails (sand-glass)
* added extended thumbnails
* added configurable zoom limit
* added tooltips with thumbnail info
* double click in Navigator opens current url in default browser
* image displaying is now faster
* determining archives by MIME, not by extension (._zip wasn't been handled :-( )
* some changes in 'Options' dialog
* removed GL_LINEAR filter due to new displaying mechanizm
* other small fixes.
TODO: need help with libraries.

Posted by Dmitry Baryshev 2004-11-27

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