Scott Hollomon - 2006-01-17

Apparently nobody uses this forum but I'll post here anyway.  I just started using Ksmoothdock the other day.  I had previously been a user of Kooldock.  Kooldock appears to be stuck at .3 with no ongoing development.  Its easy to use but dead and the zooming is jerky.

Kxdocker is a live project with plenty happening, but its kind of like emacs or vi, who wants to get an advanced degree in computing just to use a dock bar?  The thing is hideously complex, I've never been able to configure it properly.  In fact I've never been able to figure out how to add an application to the bar.

Ksmoothdock could be a big winner, it is a live project, it scrolls smoothly (better than Kool dock but still needs a little work), and it is not overly complex.  It needs one thing however:  It needs to permit dragging an application link icon from the Kmenu, desktop or where ever directly to the launcher bar (not to a dialog box) and direct deletion of icons on the bar with a right click.

My two cents, thanks.