#112 Suggestions


If one is editing the quick launch menu, it would be good if there is some way to access the items which are already configured on the K-menu. Asking someone to remember the often odd command line of a given program, and then to enter it correctly, is a bit much. I haven't a clue how to do that, but I sure could select the program shortcut I want to add to the dock.

Also, the dock should float over the desktop instead of reserving a space for itself. The reserved space pushes everything down the screen (if docked at the top, for instance), even the desktop icons. Floating over the top should be the default of the program.

Further, it would be good if the zoom function was able to be turned off.

Great potential in this dock application! I really like the basic concept. It allows one to have an application dock without all the excess baggage that so many others require.

Thank you very much.


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