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KSLIMP3 Applet in CVS!

The CVS system now contains code for running KSLIMP3 in the KDE panel! Very useful as it does not take space in the desktop area when you work.
The code is not ready for release yet (e.g. configuration does not stick, only horizontal panels are supported, ...), be warned.

Posted by Werner Lane 2004-04-08

Source code now in CVS

The latest source code of KSLIMP3 is now in CVS!
Latest changes are support for aRts and properly working ir code press/hold/release function (e.g. when you hold 'a' for 'add a song to the playlist' for more than a second the song is added to as the one that plays next, not at the end of the playlist).

Posted by Werner Lane 2004-04-08