Siemens S35i supported?

  • Jasper Boschman

    Jasper Boschman - 2001-04-25

    Hi mwe :)
    I'm planning to buy a Siemens s35i and i was wondering if your programs supports it too.

    • Matthias Welwarsky


      Yes, of course. In fact, there is no difference between the S35 and S35i as far as ksiemens is concerned. Most of the features work even with the S25, and should work with the SL45. Unfortunately, logo transfer is the exception to the rule, because the S25 and the SL45 have a different display resolution.

    • Fabio Coatti

      Fabio Coatti - 2001-05-16

      I have a S35i and in fact the logo uploading doesn't work. There can be also a small problem with some serial cables: the display can turn black during data transfers. I've heard that this is related to the fact thar these cables get power supply from serial port of PC ad some voltage level is not OK.

      • Matthias Welwarsky

        Serial Cables are a problem because linux' looses characters on the serial port due to overruns very frequently. If you're using IDE drives, try "hdparm -u1".

        IrDA works absolutely reliable, though.

        • Fabio Coatti

          Fabio Coatti - 2001-05-19

          I find that the display blanking bug depends from the hardware, and only S35 is affected. I've tried with abit M/B (BP6) and the blanking occurs, while with an asus MB it seems OK (same ksiemens settings and phone). I'll do some other test. All ok with a M35 phone.


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