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Konrad Twardowski
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Extras is a set of customizable KShutdown actions (commands).

Since version 3.0 Beta 5 this feature is available in all KShutdown versions (not only in KDE).

Getting Started

Click the Add or Remove Commands menu item to open default file manager (e.g Dolphin).
Now you can use your file manager to add/edit/remove links or folders.
Use file Properties to change icon, name, or the program you want to launch.

Supported File Types

Note: The below list may vary depending on KShutdown version/build
and your Operating System.

  • Folder - Displayed as submenu
  • Links (*.desktop or *.lnk) - An application link (shortcut) created using Linux file manager or Windows Explorer
  • Shell Script (*.sh) - A valid script file with the "executable" attribute set
  • Programs - Any "executable" binary file

Data Location

See the README file.

Command Line

To launch an extra command from the [Command Line], use the --extra
option with a file argument (you can use any supported file type).
Run kshutdown --help for more info.


kshutdown --extra "/full/path/to/myscript.sh"

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