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KShowmail 3.3 released.

New Features:

- Revised filter (dialog and worker)
* White- and Blacklist
* indefinite number of filters
* moving of mails into mailboxes
* ignoring of mails (e.g. for mailing lists)

- Spam check with SpamAssassin (just basically)
- Revised filter log

Posted by Ulrich Weigelt 2008-04-20

Kshowmail released

Release Notes for Kshowmail

05 August 2007
Version (3.3-pre2)

Added support for SSL/TLS

Posted by D. Scott Barninger 2007-08-05

KShowmail 3.2 released

06 July 2007
Version 3.2.0

This release incorporates a number of new features since 3.1.

Revised all code for POP3 operations and moved it into the account
class. Now the refresh and delete operations of every account run
simultaneously and it doesn't crash at Quit anymore.

Dropped the menu item Clear and Forced Refresh because they are
dispensable now. The mail list is cleared at every refresh.

Removed the complain action.... read more

Posted by D. Scott Barninger 2007-07-15

KShowmail 3.1.2 released

This is a bugfix release to 3.1.1.

Posted by Ulrich Weigelt 2007-04-18

KShowmail 3.1.1-pre3 released

This is a bugfix release and contains some adaptions for KDE 3.4. Please test.

Posted by Eggert Ehmke 2005-07-19

Developer/Maintainer wanted

My time is limited, and my interests are shifting. I would like to transfer the project to other developer(s). I think this can be done even by a beginner, I started myself as a Qt/KDE beginner when I launched the project. Some basic C++ and TCP/IP knowledge might be helpful. If interested, please let me know! I will give support as needed.

Posted by Eggert Ehmke 2005-01-17

KShowmail 3.1.0 released

Lots of new features and bugfixes are in the stable release, that has been prepared and tested in various prereleases. The most important new feature is the filter option, that allows the detection and removal of filtered spam on the server, manually and automatically.

Posted by Eggert Ehmke 2004-01-25

KShowmail 3.1.0-pre1 released

I wanted to turn the 3.0.6-pre into 3.1.0 final, because of a lot of new features. Bug #853651 seemed to be important, so I decided to create another prerelease. Please test. Missing: language translations.

Posted by Eggert Ehmke 2003-12-06

KShowmail 3.0.6-pre1 released

added confirm close box
Added the long awaited filters to fight the Swen worm
Implemented regular expressions as filter conditions
This is considered stable, only some language translations are missing

Posted by Eggert Ehmke 2003-10-15

KShowmail 3.0.5 released

This is a bugfix release. It fixes a crash when an account with modified password is saved.

Posted by Eggert Ehmke 2003-09-06

KShowmail 3.0.4 released

Corrected segfault when password, server url and account name are too long;
Finally set up the cvs account;
Added the option for users to hide account or message columns in the main window;
Added french translation finally, for gui and documentation;
Added option to allow rich text formatting (simple html);
Set tab focus to editdialog to allow keyboard navigation;
Header information filtered in view complete mail;
Fix of the locking problem when running commands;
Security update: xml file has mode 0600 now.

Posted by Eggert Ehmke 2003-04-05

KShowmail CVS repository works

Finally I was able to set up the CVS archive. Please check it for last updates and report any problems to me.

Posted by Eggert Ehmke 2002-09-25