How To Uninstall Kseti

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I installed a fedora core version of Kseti on a redhat linux 9 machine and i have red the manual covering kseti and i cant find a method of uninstalling it so i can reinstall the correct version. Can someone please help......


    • Roberto Virga

      Roberto Virga - 2004-06-26

      If you installed the .rpm file, type (as root):
      'rpm -e ksetispy'
      (without quotes).

      If you instead built it and installed it from source, type (also as root):
      'make uninstall'
      from the top directory.
      If you have already deleted the original source files you used to build it, just re-download it and follow the same instructions as for a new installation, up to the point it says  to type 'make' (i.e. unpack the source, and run the configure script), when now you instead type 'make uninstall'.

      - Roberto


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