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ksendfile 0.8a released

Hi there,

next minor beta release is out.
ksendfile 0.8a adds resend support
fixed date support
and update file status (for resending) features.

Posted by Stephan Hermann 2002-01-22

ksendfile 0.8 released

Hi all,

ksendfile 0.8 (beta release) is out.
check it out...:)
and read the changelog

Posted by Stephan Hermann 2002-01-21

ksendfile 0.7d released

Development of ksendfile makes big steps towards the 1.0 release.
Today I added a german translation and fixed several bugs.
After all, you can now to all users all files you added for them.

I'm searching for translators.
If you want to translate ksendfile (or kwhois ;))
please leave a message.



Posted by Stephan Hermann 2002-01-10

ksendfile 0.7c released

Hi there,

a new public beta version of ksendfile is released.
Please check the file area.
After all, I changed the look and feel and the logic behaviour of ksendfile.

I hope the usability is better now.

Posted by Stephan Hermann 2002-01-08

First file release of ksendfile

Happy New Year to All :)
After a long long time I can release the first public beta of ksendfile.
You need also the sendfile package. You can find it here: http://freshmeat.net/redir/saftsendfile/9220/url_homepage/

Posted by Stephan Hermann 2002-01-02

Ready for take off

After several days of fighting with QT and KDE,
it seems to be, that the first release of KSENDFILE is not far away.

I'm working now on a datastructure for sending the files.
I'm posting today some screenshots of my ongoing work.

Posted by Stephan Hermann 2001-09-07

Configuration Dialog finished

The user configuration dialog is finished.
It reads the userconfiguration in $HOME/.sendfile/config
The missing part is the writing of the configuration file.

Posted by Stephan Hermann 2001-08-14