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Version 1.9.2

This version includes significant enhancements over the previous one, as well as several important bug fixes. All users of version 1.9.1 are encouraged to upgrade.
While this release is much more mature than its predecessor, it is still in an Alpha stage. The usual warnings apply.

Posted by Elad Lahav 2009-02-13

The next generation of KScope

Version 1.9.0 is an Alpha-level release of the next generation of KScope. The application has been written from scratch, using Qt4 and QScintilla, and therefore no longer depends on KDE.

See the release notes for highlights of the new design.

Please report bugs and submit feature requests.

Posted by Elad Lahav 2009-01-10

Stable version 1.6.0

The 1.5.x development series has matured into a new stable release, 1.6.0. This version fixes many bugs, especially in the call-graph.
New features included since 1.4.x include a "make" front-end for building projects, global bookmark management and more.

Posted by Elad Lahav 2007-07-12

New Beta version

Version 1.5.2 is the first Beta towards a stable 1.6.0 release. It includes a new bookmarks dialogue, better support for existing cscope.out files and many bug fixes.

Posted by Elad Lahav 2007-05-07

Second Alpha

This release mainly improves on the Make front-end.
Note that the global bookmarks system is still pretty much broken when it comes to editing files, and is only usable when browsing code.

Posted by Elad Lahav 2007-02-15

A new Alpha version

Version 1.5.0 is an early development version. Its main purpose is to obtain feedback on some new, and currently unstable, features, including the Make front-end, the global bookmark system and more.
This version should not be considered as a replacement for the latest stable release (1.4.3).

Posted by Elad Lahav 2007-02-06

Version 1.4.3

This version fixes a few bugs, including several crashes. It also adds some minor (but, hopefully, useful) features.

Posted by Elad Lahav 2007-01-15

Version 1.4.2

A maintenance release, which fixes one severe bug and adds a couple of small features.

Posted by Elad Lahav 2006-10-16

New stable version

Version 1.4.0 is out. This is a stable release that replaces both the last stable (1.2.0) and the last development (1.3.4) versions.
Changes from the last Beta (1.3.4) are mainly cosmetic, but may be useful nonetheles. All users of the 1.3.x series are encouraged to upgrade to 1.4.0.

Posted by Elad Lahav 2006-08-09

Licensing issues solved in KScope 1.3.4

The new version of KScope generates call graphs using the 'dot' executable, instead of dynamically linking with graphviz. This shoukd finally solve all licensing problems in the 1.3.x branch, at the expense of a minor performance hit.

Note to upgraders: Use the Settings/Programmes page to set the full path of the dot executable (you can use the auomatic script to do that).

Note to packagers: The graphviz library is no longer required to compile KScope. On the other hand, Flex and Bison are now required, in addition to all previous dependencies.

Posted by Elad Lahav 2006-04-14

A New License for Version 1.3.3

Version 1.3.3 is the first to be released under a two-clause BSD license. This license should be compatible with both KDE and Graphviz. On a non-legal note, this version sports a multi-view call graph/tree dialogue, which incorporates both the old tree widget and the new graoh widget.

Posted by Elad Lahav 2006-01-05

Version 1.3.2 released

This is the first Beta version towards a stable 1.4.0 release. The new graph widget is now officially part of KScope, so the BRANCH_GRAPHVIZ branch has been merged with the main trunk, and is no longer under development.
This release is mainly concentrated on improving the handling of the graphviz library (including support for graphviz 2.6) and on improvements to the configuration process (both the 'configure' script and the 'kscope_config' script used by the Programmes page in the settings dialogue).
Please test this version and report any bugs you may find.

Posted by Elad Lahav 2005-11-16

Version 1.3.1 released

Mainly improvements to the graph widget and session management. I am still waiting for feedback on the new call graph before merging the GRAPHVIZ branch with the main one.

Posted by Elad Lahav 2005-10-14

A new development release

Version 1.3.0 provides a show case of the new call graph. Please compare it with the current call tree implementation, and let me know what you think.

Posted by Elad Lahav 2005-06-30

New call tree

Just in case anyone is interested, I have been playing around with a new Call Tree widget, based on graphviz. You can take a look at it by checking out the latest CVS version using BRANCH_GRAPHVIZ as the branch name. I would like to get some feedback on it, which will help me decide whether to use the new widget over the old call tree dialogue.
Naturally, this is still work in progress, so expect a few glitches.

Posted by Elad Lahav 2005-06-15

A new stable release

Version 1.2.0 is finally out!

This is the new stable release of KScope, which replaces version 1.0. It contains all the new features that were introduced in the 1.1.x branch, including automatic database rebuilds, code completion, multiple history pages, the new symbol dialogue and much more.

Important: A bug in Cscope prevents KScope from producing correct build progress information. Please consider updating to the latest CVS version of Cscope.

Posted by Elad Lahav 2005-05-25

Version 1.1.1 is ready

This is another development release on the road to 1.2.0. This time it is considered a Beta version, which means that the feature list is pretty much complete, and that from now on we concentrate on bug fixes.
See the change log for the new stuff in this release.

Posted by Elad Lahav 2005-03-17

Version 1.1.0 released

This version includes many exciting new features, such as automatic database rebuilds, symbol completion, multiple history pages and more.
It is, however, considered an Alpha version, so if you need stability, stick with 1.0 for a while.

Posted by Elad Lahav 2005-02-01

First Stable Release!

Here it is... The first (hopefully) stable release of KScope. I would like to thank everyone who have reported bugs and helped me reach the 1.0 milestone.

Posted by Elad Lahav 2004-12-06

New Beta Release

Version 0.9 is a beta release towards a stable 1.0 version. Please check this release and submit bug reports only (new features will not be added until 1.0 is released.)

Posted by Elad Lahav 2004-10-14

0.8 Package Updated

Due to an error in the packaging procedure, some files that made it into the 0.8 version were not supposed to be included with a source distribution. This broke compilation on some platforms.
A new package, 0.8a is now available. Note that this is not a new version: there is no reason for updgrading successful installations of version 0.8.

Posted by Elad Lahav 2004-08-06

Version 0.8 Released

This release includes some improvements that were long due, such as:
Cursor position display
Automatic tag highlighting based on cursor position
Automatic word selection for queries
A command for refreshing query results
* More configurable options, such as fonts, read-only mode, etc.

As always, the release contains several bug fixes as well.

Posted by Elad Lahav 2004-08-02

Version 0.7 released

Highlights of this version include:
Save/restore project sessions (including open files and queries)
An option to lock queries
Show/hide parts of the main window
Open cscope.out files as temporary projects
Visual indication of modified files
Better support for Ctags

Posted by Elad Lahav 2004-06-15

Version 0.6 released

After a few months of quiet, a new version of KScope is ready for deployment. This version includes many improvements, most of them due to feedback from KScope users - a big thank you to all of you!
It is important to note that version 0.6 requires KDE 3.2.x. KScope will not compile or work under older versions. I apologise to any 3.1.x users, but I cannot maintain two versions, and KDE 3.2 has benefits I could not ignore.
Please test this release, and do not hesitate to send your comments, bug reports or suggestions.... read more

Posted by Elad Lahav 2004-04-21

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