ALT_SPACE command

  • gpenzo

    gpenzo - 2007-07-18

    First I want to say a HELL of a program.
    I like kdevelop but kscope is fast, small and lightweight and everything I need, Keep on the good work.

    Have a question: I'm begining to make a small project
    that uses QT functions. What I want to do is to add all the header files of QT to kscope so kscope can find the function I needed (ALT-SPACE command).
    It works fast. But what I also want is to see only my files at the right (the source file listbox). At this moment I see all the files I included into the project. How can I tell kscope to uses QT header files for function description without putting all these zillions of files in the source file listbox. It is a bit difficult to find my own source files between all these QT files.
    I hope this is possible.

    Thanks for the help and again keep on the good work.

    Grayson Penzo

    • Elad Lahav

      Elad Lahav - 2007-07-20

      There's no easy way of doing that.
      KScope's symbol completion is naive - it simply searches through the cross-reference database for any symbols that match the given pattern. Only project files are included in the cross-reference database, and hence only symbols in project files can be used for automatic completion.
      One more word of caution: KScope (or, rather, Cscope) was built to handle C, not C++. Therefore, do not expect Qt symbol completion to be very handy: completion does not take into account the type of object you are using when calling a method, so you will get a lot of entries in the completion list that have nothing to do with the object you are using. Moreover, since C++ methods are tied to objects, their names tend to be shorter and less descriptive, once again resulting in a lot of noise in the completion.



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