Krusader 1.80.0-beta1 "The Last Krusade" released!

Well, here we are!

The Krew is finally bringing you the _last_ release of Krusader the
file manager. In this release you can expect many new enhancements and
features oriented to both experts and basic users, finalizing many
requests, that we owed and many that were sitting on our todo list. We
would like to thank all of the community for keeping us sharp all these
years till the end and start of our final release cycle.

Krusader 1.80.0-beta1 contains over 40 changes, bug fixes and updates in
response to reports and requests from our users. The highlights are:

- Full support for ACL permissions like properties, preserve
attributes, synchronizer and other
- Many terminal emulator enhancements bringing new functions, new
usages and new look
- Many improvements of the UserAction system
- Countless usability enhancements, especially in Konfigurator and the
heavily reordered menubar
- Comparing in the synchronizer interface and parallel threading over
slower servers
- Atomic extensions and ability to rename the filename, without extension
- Numerous archive enhancements like handling packing and unpacking in
the background, encryption support, multiple volume archives, compress
- Complete list of changes and enhancements is in the ChangeLog
- Next cycle with all our energy and efforts begins for Krusader on

Release notes:

Notice: if you've got bugs to report, please do so using Krusader's
website, and not using KDE's bugzilla (

as always, enjoy
Krusader Krew.

Posted by Dirk Eschler 2007-01-06

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