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File posting

  • Mikey Lubker

    Mikey Lubker - 2001-07-06

    Since I can't figure out how to let people post their files, why not use the MSN community I have set up for Kritter Kreator. I know it may be distasteful to use MSN, but isn't it kind of getting them too, using their service for opensourcing?


    • brandon

      brandon - 2001-07-06

      ARGH! Very funny. "isn't it kind of getting them too, using their service for opensourcing?" Not really. They are making money off of (ads), sucking resources out of, and gaining control of the opensource community if people use there services. But oh well. M$ owns us anyway. Hmm. I can setup my box with a kritter kreator account that people can FTP to and stuff.

    • Ravi Ande

      Ravi Ande - 2001-07-06

      there was a free service called for online proj. management. Teams could communicate and upload files.

      Anyway check and see if such a service is reqd. Generally though it looks good, it is a pain. I like it here. :).  I created a project on but never could get my team to use it though it had great features..

    • Mikey Lubker

      Mikey Lubker - 2001-07-09

      Why do you say we are owned by M$? VA Linux owns SourceForge!!! What about this KK account on your box?


    • brandon

      brandon - 2001-07-10

      I mean M$ controls us. But don't worry. I wasn't being literal or anything. I wasn't even serious. Lighten Up! Anyway, As soon as I get PHP installed and I check for security holes, I will setup my box for KK. I will donate a shell account.

    • Mikey Lubker

      Mikey Lubker - 2001-07-12

      M$ does NOT control us. I know I am a bit serious but don't programmers need to be serious sometimes? What will the address for the KK shell account(s) be?



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