Game Play Design

  • James Youlton Jr

    Hi, I think we need to start a document or forum that deals with the game play aspects of KK.  For example:

    Does the player play one critter at a time, a small squad, or an army of them?

    What is the data structure we plan to implement for an individual Kritter?  What are it's basic properties, etc.  I'm thinking of something like:

    struct kritter_define {
      long color,   /* base color for player Krits  */
      long age,     /* seconds old                  */
      char species, /* No need for more than 255    */
      long weight,  /* used module unit points      */
      long maxwgt,  /* max module unit points       */
      char gender,  /* Male /Female /Hermaphrodite  */
      long *utypes, /* unit quantities (expandable) */
      long health,  /* something like hit points    */
      long maxhp,   /* maximum health               */
      long food,    /* food carried (maybe a *utype)*/
      long water,   /* water carried (*utype again?)*/
      long map,     /* which map is it on?          */
      long xpos,    /* where on the map is it?      */
      long ypos,    /* the other axis               */
      long kills,   /* victory body count           */
      long deaths,  /* visits to the other side     */
      long exp,     /* experience points (a double?)*/
    } **kritters;

    The way I understand games, the fundamental aspect is a user data structure entry that is programatically interacted with.  The graphics part of the project is the representation of the data set that is comprehendable to the player.  Without the basic data definitions, the graphics end doesn't move along very well.


    • Mikey Lubker

      Mikey Lubker - 2001-10-31

      Once you read the manual you will get a lot of the information you need. The hermaphrodite is a good idea though. Guess I'll make another amendment. Players will be able to lead as many kritters as they want and as much as their computer will allow (maybe 10 is a good limit). Just read the manual (I've sent it to you and will release it in the project later) and get the latest GUI/Interface idea files.




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