• Mikey Lubker

    Mikey Lubker - 2001-11-05

    How easy would it be to set up Kritter Kreator so it has a program that allows dynamic linking to the different parts (engine, client, editor, server) with a file with paths to the parts of it? So that you could specify a different engine like Crystal Space, or Java or Perl server, easily.


    • Mikey Lubker

      Mikey Lubker - 2001-11-05

      With modules, we might have packages like this: (using jar files just for example)

      Required Packages: (req_ prefix on files)

      modman_req.jar - Module Manager (look at post above)

      client.jar - Client (includes AI/Splitscreen play and Random Map Generator)

      themes.jar - Map Themes (includes interface skins and music for each theme)

      gfx.jar - Graphics (miscellaneous)

      engine.jar - 3D Engine

      gallery.jar - Modules and Template Kritters

      Online Packages: (net_ prefix) (NOTE: names may look the same as in required, but these would be net_client.jar instead of req_client.jar)

      client.jar - Connection Manager

      gallery.jar - Trade Kritters with other people online.

      Development Packages: (dev_ prefix)

      servmake.jar - Server Creation Tool

      mapsedit.jar - Map Editor

      kkgtk.jar - Graphics Editor

      kkctk.jar - Code Editor

      Optional Packages (opt_ prefix)

      maps.jar - Non-random maps (premade)

      sfx.jar - Sound and Music

      help.jar - Documentation



    • brandon

      brandon - 2001-11-09

      sure we could do your example above but that has nothing to do with letting you use different engines. To make it able to inteface with numerous engines at once would be very slow and not practical. Not to mention, that is a whole nother project in itself. Did you think about how much time it would take to make such a thing? That is a whole nother Source Forge project and isnt very realistic or even useful.

    • Mikey Lubker

      Mikey Lubker - 2001-11-09

      OK. The engine modularization feature wouldn't have to be built in, just wondered if we could patch it so we could use a different engine if we wanted to and how long it would take to make a patch for say Crystal Space or Genesis/Jet 3D.


    • brandon

      brandon - 2001-11-15

      We might be able to it it for say, 2 engines. You'll have to talk to vikingghost or another C/++ programmer about Crystal Space and Genesis.

    • Mikey Lubker

      Mikey Lubker - 2001-11-17

      Vikingghost is Jorgen (Graphics) Aren't you thinking of David Nonnenmacher? Anyway if that is who you mean, I've not been able to talk to him much (he is busy) but I have talked to the administrators of Crystal Space and Genesis and Crystal Space sounds best for us (besides using our engine or just 2D or isometric)



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