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KreateCD - CD recording front-end / News: Recent posts

Orphanage of KreateCD

As KreateCD is no longer maintained by me (and probably will be again) and there are only occassionaly (bug-fixing) commits in the KDE CVS (kdeextragear-1), I decided to orphan this project.

IMHO KreateCD is no longer state of the art but anybody who wants to take over the project is welcome

Posted by Anonymous 2005-02-19

KreateCD inactivity


as you might have seen there has been no release of KreateCD for years now. Due to different reasons I (the main developer) do no more development for KreateCD at the moment and probably in the future. One of this reasons is that I use KDE hardly once a few weeks.

The current kreatecd CVS is hosted at kdeextragear-1. If you want to continue development and take care of KreateCD - please contact me to transfer the project admin

Posted by Anonymous 2003-12-10

KreateCD 1.1.0 released

KreateCD 1.1.0 was released. This is the first stable version since
KreateCD 1.0.0. It has major new features and will be the last version
for KDE 2.x which adds additional features. There might be bug fix
released, but the main development already is for KDE 3.


- support for on the fly copy
- improved audio options dialog
- new, improved user interface
- different project types
- Ogg vorbis support
- Solaris au format support
- displays fifo buffer and total percentage while burning
- kreatecd should be more portable now
- track edit actions can now be cancelled.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2001-10-22

KreateCD 1.0.9 (RC1) released!

KreateCD 1.0.9 was released today!

This is a RELEASE CANDIDATE for KreateCD 1.1.0. Most bugs should be fixed and no new features
will be included into 1.1.0 - which will be released in about 3 weeks.Translations are still missing


These RPM's are stripped from any junk, so they're fast, clean and easy.
Say, when you write bug-reports, that you are using the SuSE packages.
These packages are built for SuSE 7.2, although they _may_ work on earlier versions (I cannot
guarantee Forward Compatibility), as well as other distributions.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2001-09-23

KreateCD 1.0.8 (BETA) released

We released today KreateCD 1.0.8 - which is a BETA version leading to KreateCD 1.1.0. The purpose of this release is testing and bugreporting.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-08-31

KreateCD 1.0.7 (UNSTABLE) released

KreateCD 1.0.7 (which is an UNSTABLE DEVELOPMENT snapshot) was released today. The purpose of this release is testing and bug reporting

Posted by Anonymous 2001-08-19

KreateCD 1.0.0


KreateCD was just released. This is the first stable version of the CD recording frontent for KDE 2.x.

Changes since 0.9.1 :

- audio file burning from CD-track fixed
- improved look of ISO 9660 options dialog
- fix compile with --enable-final
- Mandrake Linux build fixes

Known problems :

- import a session without RockRidge extension doesn't work

You can download KreateCD 1.0.0 from following locations :... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2001-03-05

KreateCD 0.9.1 (Beta) released


There is a new version of KreateCD released. This version is called KreateCD 0.9.1 (aka KreateCD 1.0.0 RC 1). This is probably the last version before KreateCD 1.0.0 final is released. (planned for 3rd March)

Known problems:

- none

Changes since 0.9.0 (aka KreateCD 1.0 beta):

- temporary files are deleted on exit
- new project dialog is not shown when restoring an old session
- main window has a minimum size
- fix mp3 burning
- image needed when changing balance or volume... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2001-02-26

KreateCD 0.9.0 (beta) released


A new version of KreateCD was released : KreateCD 0.9.0

This is the first beta version for the upcoming KreateCD 1.0.0 which will be released at the beginning of March.

Please test it and report bugs to me. (

Changes since 0.4.1:

- need KDE >= 2.0
- improved ISO 9660 dialog (with drag and drop)
- ISO 9660 size calculation
- ISO 9660 multisession support
- Drag and drop in project window
- new configuration dialogs
- default ISO 9660 options can be configured
- MP3 support
- "audio only" project mode
- various bugfixes... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2001-02-11

KreateCD 0.4.0 released (stable version)

KreateCD 0.4.0 was just released. Users with 0.3.0 installed should update to 0.4.0 because there is an security fix. You'll have to update your helper applications (cdrecord,mkisofs,cdparanoia,cdda2wav) too.


- new translations
- CD R/W support
- autoconfigure detects path of helper applications
- user cannot change helper application paths for security reasons
- improved TOC reading
- fixed SCSI bus scanning for some drives
- progress dialog improvements
- much cleanups
- QT 2.0 / KDE 2.0 fixes
- improved choices when a read error occurs

Posted by Anonymous 2000-06-02

KreateCD 0.3.9 (BETA) released

Today KreateCD 0.3.9 beta version was released. This is probably the last version before 0.4.0 (stable version). Please submit all bugs. Translators are welcome to translate the KreateCD texts for 0.4.0

Posted by Anonymous 2000-05-18

KreateCD 0.3.8 (alpha release)

KreateCD 0.3.8 was released tody. It is an ALPHA release. There might be serious bugs and there are some incomplete features, but it might work work for everydays use. Please report all bugs.

Posted by Anonymous 2000-03-02

KreateCD becomes SourceForge project - help needed

The KreateCD project was just migrated to I am still looking for people who want to help me.

- coders to implement new features
- doc writers

Posted by Anonymous 2000-01-26