#6 Game crashes: WinXP SP2

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I just downloaded the game today and absolutely love it, but there's a couple problems going on. I played single player both times. The very first time I played it (played introduction), I was able to play it right up till the time I made it to the adjacent hexes next to the enemy's castle, and then a "fatal error: zero" message appears and then just sits there. I have to go to the task manager to close out.

The 2nd time I played it (can't remember map name), I played on a bigger 2 player map. I probably played the game for 30 minutes before it simply crashed to the desktop with no error at all. What I was trying to do was attack a wizard with my calvary.

I hope this can get fixed, I think this game has a lot of promise and love playing it. Thank you!!

My system:

I'm running WinXP SP2
2 gigs of ram
256 meg Radeon X1650 Video Card


  • Esch

    Esch - 2008-01-24

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    Sorry, it's 512 meg for my video card, not 256

  • Greg*

    Greg* - 2010-04-26
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