#3 Possibility to use external radios



I would find it useful to use external radios with Kradio. There were some scanner radios available, which can be remote controlled thrue a simple serial connection.

The sound output of this radio can be connected to the sound card.


  • Ernst Martin Witte

    Hi! Since kradio is a bit more alive again, I'd like to ask if you could provide some example code how to control such a radio card. With that, a plugin can be realized quite easily.

    BR, Martin

  • Remi Chateauneu

    Remi Chateauneu - 2009-05-30

    Probably, the most portable way to control radios is the open-source library Hamlib (Which is on sourceforge).

  • Remi Chateauneu

    Remi Chateauneu - 2009-05-30

    If needed, I could provide some help for hamlib. It is usable as a shareable library or a server process.

  • Stéphane Fillod

    Yes, Hamlib would be the right place to support such radio/scanners.
    Are the drivers part of Video4Linux or are they in an external shared library?

    For your information, Hamlib already supports V4L devices through model ID 2601 (in the tuner backend).
    Let me know whether it works as expected for you, since I don't own such radio.

    Stephane - F8CFE


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