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Jiri Tyr

Hello Ernst,

I have been using your Kradio with one of BTTV tuners for last couple of years and I have been very satisfied. Now I have bought new TV tuner Hauppauge PVR350 and I can not make it working with your Kradio. Everything works perfectly if I use ivtv-radio application:

$ ivtv-radio -f 88.4
set to freq 88.40
Running: aplay -f dat < /dev/video24
Playing raw data 'stdin' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 48000 Hz, Stereo

When I setup Kradio to capture RAW stream from /dev/video24, there is still no sound. In Error Logger of Kradio, there is not mentioned any problem. Please could you give me an advice how to make it working? Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,


  • Ernst Martin Witte


    I hope, the PVR setup is now documented much better within KRadio4 (look at the V4L and Streaming Plugin config pages), on the KRadio Website (FAQ) and a dedicated README.PVR in the source archive.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a PVR card, thus I could only extrapolate from some users reports and use /dev/urandom instead of a real /dev/video24 (or similar). Hope it works,otherwise please let me know more details or let's think about ways how I could get a PVR card ;-)

    Here is the content of the README.PVR file:

    1) Configure the Streaming Plugin:
    - add your device to the capture URLs (/dev/video24, /dev/video32 and /dev/urandomshould already be there)
    - configure the right sound sample format/rate/... for your radio card
    2) Configure the V4L2 Plugin:
    - Select your favourite PCM Sound Card as playback device
    - Select your favourite PCM Mixer Channel as playback channel
    - Select the Streaming Plugin as Capture Device
    - Select the radio/video device (e.g. /dev/video24) as capture mixer channel
    - enable the active playback checkbox. KRadio will now record from the capture channel internally (not to a file) and send the data to the playback PC channel.
    3) Done. Your kradio should be now usable for PVR cards. If not, please provide me details on your setup or perhaps even a card to test it.

    With best regards,


  • Ernst Martin Witte

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  • Ernst Martin Witte

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