#7 ipod nano 3g - unknown tag found error

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Dear Developers,

I bought a brand new iPod nano 3g. I cannot use it with the kioslave. This is the error message it sends:

An error occurred while loading ipod:/Artists:
Could not access unknown tag found! stop parsing.

I also attach the itunes control file (I hope this is what you need.)

You can contact me via:

I am an MSc in software engineering in Hungary, and I am willing to provide any information you need for the debugging.

Máté Kovács


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    my itunes db

  • Michael Schulze

    Michael Schulze - 2007-12-13

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    OK, it happens to be a special tag for the ipod nano - the mhia tag - which is not supported at the moment.

    More important, your version of the nano will not work with the database version written by the ipodslave since
    Apple has decided to add some kind of checksum at the beginning of the database, so these two things really need
    to get fixed before newer versions of the "nano", the "classic" and "touch" will work with ipodslave.

    All in all your problem will get solved in the future, but since I don't have much time at the moment it may
    take a bit longer ... sorry for that.

    As I read that you're a MSc in SE, I guess C++ wouldn't be a problem for you: I really could need some help since,
    although I got some help in the past, I'm all alone on that project at the moment.

    Give me a sign If you're interested.


  • Michael Schulze

    Michael Schulze - 2007-12-13
    • priority: 5 --> 8
  • Michael Schulze

    Michael Schulze - 2007-12-13
    • labels: 643554 --> libqtpod
  • Michael Schulze

    Michael Schulze - 2007-12-13
    • assigned_to: nobody --> fry26
  • Michael Schulze

    Michael Schulze - 2007-12-18
    • status: open --> closed

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